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Newly Designed Fire Fighting Truck Fire Drill

Jul. 05, 2018

On July 2th, Our newly designed air compressed foam fire truck completed a fire drill at Wuhan Fire Bureau.The exercise involved pouring 5 tons of engine oil into a 9 square meter oil tank, heating the oil to 220 degrees over 12 hours on 12 large gas stoves, and igniting the gasoline for 20 minutes. The oil surface temperature was 700 degrees. The flame temperature is 1300 degrees (on-site detection and data provided by Shanghai Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.), and the fire extinguishing operation is started. The two guns of the bicycle use domestic B type 3% AFFF/AR foam liquid to perform the fire extinguishing operation, and the extinguishing will be extinguished in 40 seconds, which takes 2 minutes and 50 seconds. The oil surface temperature was lowered to 27 degrees, and the bottom oil temperature was 100 degrees (on-site inspection provided data on the site). The surface of the oil tank can be touched. The entire fire extinguishing process used only 1.2 tons of water and Class B foam liquid was 40L. The specific data shall be subject to the report issued by the testing agency!

This new foam fire truck is C&C hiqh quality chassis, Germany imported CAFS system, Germany high quality fire pump. High quality chassis and Imported System guarantee it's hiqh performence when fighting fire.

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